The Project

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What is this? POLÍEDERE (Polyhedron in English) is a group of immigrant artists and/or actors living in Barcelona.

Context: “Políedre” is a project that came about because of the prevailing cultural interaction in the city of Barcelona right now.

How? Thanks to a website, regular meetings and the programming of activities and events (e.g. the Barcelona Vèrtex Festival BCN)

Who are the main characters? The work of a group of immigrant artists or agents who are interlinked with the city of Barcelona.

What shape does the “Políedre” polyhedron have? It is a dodecagon made up of 12 flat sides or faces representing 12 artistic disciplines.

  1. Literary Creation / 2. Music / 3. VideoArt / 4. Theatre / 5. Street Art / 6. Cinema / 7. Multidisciplinary arts / 8. Dance / 9.Visual arts / 10.Performance/ 11.Net.Art/ 12.Photography.

 Strategic Objective: To make the artistic work of the immigrant artists and/or actors living in Barcelona visible.


To reach this strategic objective two operational objectives have been set.

  1. Making an online catalogue with a collection of the artistic expressions of a multidisciplinary and multicultural nature linked to these artists/actors.


  1. At the same time, the project is an example of cultural dynamics that incorporates a strategic plan of promotion and interaction among artists with regular scheduling of activities and events. The first annual activity will be the Barcelona “Festival Vèrtex BCN”



We are interested in the INTERCULTURALITY, social INTERACTION and DIALOGUE between different artistic expressions and languages, as well as the common ground between artists. When different artists, values, languages and feelings cross paths and get together, works of art with added value are created compared to those that are only perceived in one direction.

We are interested in CROSS-CUTTING KNOWLEDGE and the non-static artistic work that arises from movement, migration, interaction, the community and the discovery of new cultural languages.

Our starting point is NETWORKING: networking is the active process of creating, maintaining and developing the artists’ contacts in a professional context with a strategic focus (pursue objectives that respond to the purpose of promoting the career of the artist) and a planning process (tools and methods that ensure the follow-up and updating of their presence on the network in a systematic way).

We are interested in the strength of the group, teamwork, everything that a group can bring in terms of the individual work of the artists, new artistic dynamics inspired by GROUP WORK. We are interested in involving associations and organisations that share our needs, objectives in order to reference ourselves in a social context that is close to reality and to work together as well from the administration, making resource optimization easier among other things.

We give support to ARTISTIC CREATION inspiring new ways of creating and linking these to NEW TECHNOLOGIES

In this way we would like to raise awareness in the society as a whole in terms of the interculturality of contemporary art born in the city of Barcelona at this time.